Yesterday I posted some photo’s of my boyfriend getting a tattoo whilst in Bali last month.
The attention to detail was insane and the end result was even better.
The revealing of the tattoo was and is always interesting. You always get a mixed reaction and that made me think….

Everybody judges. It’s what we do, it’s in our DNA. But to what extent we judge determines the nature of the person.
Everyone has their issues about tattoos, there’s no secret to that. Whether they’re extremists claiming we’re ruining our bodies and leaving hideous marks on ourselves or they’re the kind of people who are all for it. Some think of their body as a human canvas and cover it with artwork from head to toe. And some get small, delicate pieces that are a resemblance of themselves. And then of course there’s the people who really just don’t care and are a happy medium.
Even between two people who both have tattoos, there is still judgement in the type of tattoo the other has. Whether it be a sleeved man with demons and fire judging a young woman’s choice of a delicate flower placed nicely on her wrist.
You will get ‘that’s too big’, ‘No that looks ugly’ or ‘Why would you get that?’
And there’s always at least one person to tell you ‘Oh they won’t look nice when you’re old!’
It’s true, one or all of your tattoo’s may end up a shrivelled blob when you get to 80 but are you really going to be worried? If your skin is going to go wrinkly you might as well make it look good.

I’ve seen the looks on some peoples faces when I’ve told them the reasoning behind my tattoos. Most of them give me the ‘Um ok that’s….different’ kind of face and they seem to be towards my ‘Pearle’ and ‘I desire’ tattoos. ‘I desire’ is the Scorpio’s quote and to me it can mean many things. I desire to travel, I desire to make the best life for myself.
It’s safe to say I don’t care what people think. They have their opinions and I have mine and I know the reasons behind my choice of tattoos and I know they mean something to me. That’s what is important.

“My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story”
– Johnny Depp

M xx

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